The Nuts & Bolts

  • The Platform will have a unique identity with a professional outlook and approach, enabling it to offer professionally valid and technically valued project internships
  • The platform will be based within the current Jesus Youth Internation Office
  • The team will involve and Director and paid professionals
  • The internship will involve a systematic spiritual mentoring and training as well
  • A set of branded projects and products will gradually be created.

Technology – New Horizons in Mission

At different points in time, the Jesus Youth movement has sprouted initiatives that are particularly relevant to the evangelization of the respective age and culture. These initiatives have organically risen from young people in the movement, inspired by the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

In recent times, the vast area of technology and the web has been particularly alive in the prayers and reflections of our movement. As a missionary movement at the service of the Church, our reflections are in sync with the mission of the Church in this space, As Pope Francis says, “If an artist cannot be stopped from using his or her creativity, neither should those who possess particular gifts for the advancement of science and technology be prevented from using their God-given talents for the services of others.” Thus, a set of experienced technology professionals in the movement and a few leaders have been inspired to reflect on the scope of our mission in the world of technology for close to a year.

The reflections centered around the movement’s charism and mission in the extensive, multi-layered and fast-changing world of the internet and technology. In fact, whether it be the early forums or the website. Or the Catholic apps for the Church, the movement was one of the pioneers in this journey in a Catholic context. As always, step by step, Holy Spirit was leading the movement into even new spaces.

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